There’s a higher connection between humans and nature, and although we as skateboarders aren’t the most environment-friendly, at WALD, we have decided to do our contribution to help the planet.

We have partnered with Tree Nation, a worldwide reforestation organization, so that all our product, will contribute to plant trees in Conservation Projects around the world.

How? Easy, for every product that you’ll purchase, we will plant a tree via Tree Nation, and we’ll email you the tree passport, so you can follow its progress.

Eden Reforestation Project, Madagascar – One of our Supported Projects.

We strongly suggest you, other than supporting our cause, to join it and do your little for the planet.

You can Visit Our Forest, where you’ll have updates from the Projects.

Otherwise, leave a contribution to our initiative, at the link below:

pushing against racism

Pushing Against Racism is a GoodPush initiative, helping the skateboarding scene to raise awareness about racism, and working towards making skateboarding a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

By subscribing to their agreement we’re doing our small part to help this dream come true, and sharing it with our community.

Visit this link in bio to subscribe too, and help us spread the word.

“As members of the global skateboarding community, we have come together to make a collective commitment to actively resist and challenge systemic racism in our own scenes, organizations, the skateboard industry, and wider society.

The ‘Commitment to Anti-Racism in Skateboarding’ is an idea led by the Goodpush Alliance, together with members from a dozen social skateboarding organizations worldwide.

The goals of the Commitment to Anti-Racism in Skateboarding are to:

– Help keep the BLM and anti-Asian hate momentum going and keep anti-racism action on the agenda.

– Encourage skate companies, media, social skate projects, pros, national skate federations, and individual skaters to agree to challenge the systemic racism that exists in the skate community and wider society.

We chose to launch the Commitment today, on May 25th, because it is the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death.”