Wald (/val.t/)

Is an Italian company, distributed by Samurai Suicide distribution.

Skateboarding, Nature and the Art of Knowing How to Get By, are the pillars of the manifesto.

The desire to create and produce is the engine.

The aim is to feel good.

s.m. (-[e]s, Wälder)
1 forest m.
2 (großer Wald) selva f., foresta f.

WaldTour – SUMMER TOUR 2021

With: Fulvio Vignolo Federico Fontanella Liam Galli Carlo Schievano Alessandro Bruno Roberto Spesso Sacchetti
Thanks for the hospitality: Luca SkateFarm Gioprof Wild Bowl Palla piazzale Valdo Fusi
Cities: Genova Wild Bowl Savona Alessandria Monferrato Torino
Music Riccardo Manganelli Carlo Schievano